Discover the Big Benefits of Church Insurance

Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 3:10PM

Discover the Big Benefits of Church Insurance

Your church is a sanctuary for people from a variety of cultures and walks of life. It’s a source of peace, tranquility, healing, happiness, and solidarity for countless souls. For many members of the congregation, church is the one place in their entire lives where they truly feel welcome and safe. That’s why protecting the haven of your church is essential.

Many religious leaders are unaware of the valuable benefits that come from securing comprehensive church insurance. In addition to protecting the physical structure, this coverage lends peace of mind and validity to everyone who steps inside. Read on to discover ways to protect the refuge of your church for decades to come.

Property Insurance

Your church is more than just a safe place to worship. If you have separate buildings (such as a parish hall, rectory, activity center, dining site, or similar), maintaining adequate property insurance is integral. This protects your church from unexpected events (such as fire) and the negative effects of severe weather (hail, lightning, high winds).

Perhaps your church also has a school on site. You may be eligible for additional coverage. School insurance safeguards not only the building and associated assets, but also offers other added protection.

Lately, some churches have fallen victim to wanton acts of vandalism. For whatever reason, groups and individuals with nefarious intent have taken it upon themselves to deface and desecrate both the interior and exterior of houses of worship across the country.  Property insurance can help lessen the impact from criminal activity, auto damage, natural disasters, and other scenarios.

If you’re unsure of your insurance details or want to know how to better protect your church in a variety of situations, it’s wise to review your church insurance policy. It’s also a good idea to contact a reliable insurance agent who can help you secure comprehensive coverage.  

Liability Insurance

Some church leaders are hesitant to get liability insurance. They believe it has to do with lawsuits or possible adverse action against members of the congregation. In fact, this coverage protects everyone who enters your church.

When it rains, steps and entrances can become slippery. Sometimes, people will lose footing inside your church. This could lead to a slip-and-fall incident. Antique and legacy churches may also be subject to deteriorating furnishings that could create accidents.

In addition, some churches are subject to theft. While no one wants to think this scenario could unfold, the sad fact is that it can and does. Along with cash reserves, some churches are pilfered by criminals intent on selling valuable items for personal gain. Speak with a reputable insurance agent to learn more about all the coverage options available to you.

Employee Insurance

In larger churches, it’s not uncommon to have full-time church staff on the payroll. Even some smaller congregations require at least a few dedicated staff members who are paid for their time and services. Depending on the specifics at your church, it’s a good idea to have workers compensation insurance. In some cases, umbrella liability insurance may be a great choice for your church.

Despite your best efforts and intentions, there may also come a time when employee disagreements escalate into physical altercations. Other times, staff members may forego mediation efforts and seek financial compensation through a civil lawsuit. Contact a skilled and qualified insurance agent who can help you secure and implement important insurance safeguards.

Other Insurance

These are just a few of the insurance solutions available to you. Other popular options include church fleet auto insurance, fire protection insurance, and more. Your friendly and knowledgeable insurance agent will be glad to demonstrate all the innovative options at your disposal.

In fact, for decades now, Insurance Solutions of America has been the trusted resource for a variety of insurance needs. That includes insurance for bars and taverns, restaurant insurance, business, church and school, fire protection, and more. Contact us today to secure complete and thorough insurance coverage for your church.  


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