Why Your Business Needs Fire Protection Insurance

Wed, Oct 03, 2018 at 3:10PM

Why Your Business Needs Fire Protection Insurance

It’s a great time to own a small business. Consumer confidence continues to strengthen, wages are rising (which means people have more expendable income), and the long-term economic outlook for the country remains stable. Still, without adequate insurance, you could be unwittingly setting yourself up for a devastating blow.

Researchers say nearly 40 percent of all small business insurance claims concern fire loss. Even small fires can cause enough damage to force your small business to temporarily close. In some cases, you might have to shut the doors permanently.  Imagine the long-term effects that would have on your future and in the lives of your employees.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep the forward momentum going strong. Read on to discover the valuable benefits of fire protection insurance.

Prevents the Unthinkable

No one wants to think the worst could happen. The sad fact is that it can and does. As mentioned, when fire rips through your small business, the fallout can be crippling. Even if you rebuild, some customers will remain wary of returning to a structure that recently burned.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get the absolute assertion that a fire will never occur at your company. You can, however, take steps to prevent an unfortunate scenario from unfolding. For example, fire protection training for every employee raises awareness. In addition, such insight helps team members understand fire prevention tips and resources, evacuation and safety procedures, and more.

Securing comprehensive fire suppression insurance is also essential. Contact a trusted and reputable insurance agent today to get started.

Helps You Bounce Back from Disaster

Imagine there’s a fire at your workplace. How will you recover? Do you have the resources (financial and otherwise) to rebuild? Will it even be possible to start over in the same spot? Of course, the answers to these questions vary according to your specific situation, the nature, and extent of the fire, and other factors.

Still, thorough fire alarm insurance (coupled with disaster training and other safeguards) helps return your focus to the growth and prosperity of your business in no time. You’ll also serve as a positive example to employees and other small business leaders. Your attention to detail and commitment to safety will further cement your already solid reputation in the community.

Can Be Combined with Other Insurance

Sadly, there are still some business owners who view insurance as a costly expense. The main question to ask is whether or not your business could recoup losses from a devastating event. Why put your future and the lives of your employees at risk? It’s best to secure full coverage that protects you from a variety of situations.

Fire protection insurance is just one of the many tools in your arsenal. Other integral options include commercial property insurance, liability, workers compensation, bar insurance, and more. In addition, business interruption insurance helps shield you from the potential of lost income following an incident. Ensure your small business is continually protected by reaching out to a reliable agent who can help you fashion a personalized coverage plan.

Provides Peace of Mind and Constant Protection

Detailed coverage reduces the risk of lawsuits. In the wake of a natural disaster, business owners’ insurance (often referred to as BOP) enables you to quickly bounce back. As mentioned, having adequate insurance also improves your credibility, protects your employees, and prepares your small business for the unknown.

For years, Insurance Solutions of America has helped countless business leaders such as yourself with a variety of insurance needs. From fire protection insurance, to church and school, bar and tavern insurance personal lines, and more, we have the services you need to keep your company operations running smoothly. Contact us today for innovative solutions to protect your business.

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