How to Improve Customer Trust and Loyalty

Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 4:41PM

How to Improve Customer Trust and Loyalty

Many business owners say there’s no higher form of trust and respect than when clients and customers choose to perform repeat business. This not only demonstrates loyalty, but speaks to stellar customer service received, and the honesty and integrity gleaned from interaction with your employees.

Essential to the success of any company, establishing lasting and meaningful professional relationships should be the goal of every driven and motivated entrepreneur. There are various ways to achieve this. Here’s how to get started:  

Always Be Professional

While this sounds like a given, the Internet is full of rants and raves about companies whose representatives communicated in ways that were perceived as rude, abrasive, and downright inappropriate.

Be sure that all employees understand how each interaction affects sales and the overall reputation of the company. While it can be difficult to accept criticism from an upset customer, let team members know that they shouldn’t take the feedback personally. Instead, the goal should always be on providing consistently outstanding service and information.

Employees should be guided to view each customer interaction as an opportunity. Sometimes this is a chance to promote products and services, while other times they will take the role of information gathering, clarifying company policy and procedures, and diffusing sometimes tense situations.

Above all, feedback should always be consistent. For customers, there’s not much worse than receiving conflicting information or having to start over from one employee to the next.

Practice Prompt and Thorough Communication

Customers and clients expect someone to get back in touch when they have questions or concerns that can’t be immediately addressed. This hasn’t changed.

What has evolved is the fact that more people choose to connect via email and social media channels. If you’re unable to place an employee dedicated to digital communication, make sure you or a responsible team member are regularly checking email and social media, and responding to inquiries. Some platforms (such as Facebook) even list the average response time of company representatives. 

Many outlets also offer live chat as a quick and easy means by which customers can get in touch. Contrary to popular belief, chat doesn’t have to be available all hours. However, offering contact options during regular business hours creates convenient and ease of use.

Display Unaltered Reviews

Whether or not you choose to include reviews on your website, customers will still be empowered to leave frank feedback on public-facing websites such as Facebook, Glassdoor, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more.

Avoid the temptation to delete negative reviews. Instead, use the response features that most websites provide to show your company takes the situation seriously. This is also a forum where you can clear up misunderstandings and clarify company policies and procedures.

Allowing real feedback (even if it’s negative) helps people get a total picture view of your organization’s operative style. It lends a personal touch and demonstrates that — while every interaction may not go as planned — your company is committed to exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Get Comprehensive Coverage

Customers appreciate organizations that have their business in order. This includes legal, financial, and other precautions and safeguards. Securing proper insurance coverage is a great way to demonstrate to your customers the company’s forward-thinking and responsible outlook.

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