Importance of Bar and Tavern Insurance

Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 4:32PM

Importance of Bar and Tavern Insurance

Going out on the town is a great way to have fun, meet new and old friends, and simply enjoy life. Whether it’s visiting a bar, tavern, nightclub, restaurant, or similar establishment, most excursions end without incident.

However, there are times when disagreements can turn into fights. Other times (and for various reasons), patrons will fall or otherwise hurt themselves. Then there are unforeseen situations like equipment failure, structural damage, employee injury, and more.

Given all this, it’s essential for you as an owner to have adequate and comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against any variety of scenarios. Use this advice to be certain you’re always covered:

Know the Facts

While most patrons come and go in peace, there are times when incidents occur that might warrant a lawsuit. According to the National Restaurant Association, the most common reasons bar and tavern owners are sued include:

  • slip and fall accidents
  • patron altercations (bar fights)
  • over-serving
  • furnishing alcohol to a minor
  • food poisoning

Being aware of potential disasters empowers you to take action to prevent their occurrence.


Place a Priority on Safety

Written policies and procedures are one way to be sure all employees are on the same page. Previously-established and well-documented policies are also useful if your establishment is sued.

Make sure employees are constantly aware of potential hazards and are vigilant about taking precautions (being proactive). Safety and security is the responsibility of everyone. For instance, if a floor has recently been cleaned, make sure a highly-visible sign is prominently placed to inform everyone of the situation.

Furthermore, team members must not take lightly potentially-damaging scenarios. There’s nothing funny about intentionally serving alcohol to a minor, allowing/provoking a bar fight, or altering customer food and drinks. Employees who exhibit this behavior should be immediately reprimanded and even terminated.

Put Safeguards in Place

Along with clear policies and procedures, train staff to recognize impending danger. For instance, highly-intoxicated guests are more likely to start a fist-fight than those who are merely enjoying an after-work or pre-dinner cocktail.

This is not to suggest employees should engage in any kind of profiling. Instead, it’s the responsibility of every team member to recognize potentially-unruly behavior and take action before it can happen.

If your establishment serves food, anyone involved in the preparation, cooking, and serving must be highly-trained on food safety precautions and confident to speak up when/if they see or suspect an unsafe food service situation.

Reach Out for Support

Don’t wait until it’s too late to secure adequate lawsuit protection coverage. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members can answer your questions and guide you toward the best insurance solutions for you.

For years, we’ve helped Florida business owners with their insurance and risk management needs. A full-service brokerage firm, our qualified and experienced agents expertly offer comprehensive coverage at competitive prices. 

In addition to bar and tavern insurance, we offer a wide variety of other options such as business insurance, fire protection, personal lines, and more. Contact us today to discover how we can help safeguard your company against lawsuits and insurance claims.

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