Everything You Need to Know About Insuring Your Bar & Tavern

Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 10:00AM

Everything You Need to Know About Insuring Your Bar & Tavern

As with any other business, owning a bar or tavern also requires you to have insurance. Other than worrying about accidents in the kitchen or slips and falls on your property, you also must think about customers who may consume more liquor than they should and as a result, cause vandalism or become aggressive with other patrons at your business. Because there are so many other risky scenarios to think about when running a bar and tavern, your insurance plan needs to be specifically tailored to address those situations.

Let’s Start with General Liability Insurance

A general liability policy is an important point to start with as it protects your business against claims made by third parties for any injuries or property damage on your site. Someone slipping on the wet floor at your bar and injuring themselves is an example of such an instance.

Liquor Liability Coverage is the Next Step

Where general liability policies can cover several claims against your business, a liquor liability policy is what will protect you from suits arising from the sale and service of alcohol on your premises. This is one of the most important coverages to invest in for this type of business as it’s a common occurrence for overserved customers to get rowdy or aggressive after drinking too much. This behavior often results in fights breaking out which can bring injuries to other patrons or employees and damage your property as well.

Assault and Battery Coverage

Having additional assault and battery liability coverage will protect you from legal claims if a fight breaks out on your property and injury claims are made by a patron against you and your business.

Property Coverage

Your premises, equipment and inventory also need coverage and the insurance plan for your bar or tavern can be created in a way to include this as well. This includes food spoilage as well other interruptions in your business.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

As a bar owner, you are bound to have a range of employees such as bartenders and servers. This kind of coverage is important for your business where falls, cuts, or burns can easily occur. Workers’ compensation coverage covers the medical expenses that may arise if one of your employees is injured while at work.

An insurance plan that protects your bar or tavern from all sorts of liability claims is essential to ensure you or your business don’t suffer any damages or losses. At Insurance Solutions, we can provide you with a program created specifically for your industry and its requirements. From property and crime to fire protection policy, our insurance plans will guarantee your protection against all type of claims.

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