Creating a Fire Prevention Strategy for Your Business

Wed, Nov 14, 2018 at 10:06AM

Creating a Fire Prevention Strategy for Your Business

Many people view fire as a fully-controllable resource. While it’s true that fire creates light and heat, it can also have devastating consequences. Blazes across the country level homes and business in mere seconds.

In fact,  fire causes more than $1 Billion in damages each year and leads to scores of deaths, according to recent research from the National Fire Protection Association. Current fire destruction in California is evidence of this grim reality.

Thankfully, there are proven methods you can immediately implement at your workplace to improve safety and minimize the risk of fire loss. That includes getting thorough fire protection insurance coverage. Here are some other popular ways to keep your business safe: 

Fashion a Detailed Plan

It’s not enough to simply draw a map to building exits and ban smoking near the front of the building. While these measures are a good start, your fire prevention strategy should be far-reaching. Try to address all possible catastrophic fire scenarios.

For example, contact the builders of your office to ensure its safe construction. Find out details about the structure, such as:

  • fire resistive rating
  • combustible materials (including wood) used in construction
  • frame type used

Next, consider potential hazards within your organization’s current setup. That could be anything from cooking/heating equipment, torch/welding equipment, appliances that get heavy use throughout the day, space heaters, stored chemicals/flammable liquids, and more. 

Install Fire Detection/Suppression Systems

Ideally, your workplace is already equipped with at least some fire safety precautions. This isn’t always true in older buildings, however. In addition, some disreputable construction crews leave out essential safeguards in order to save costs. Don’t wait until it’s too late to learn the truth. Take a proactive approach today.

Meeting that goal begins by installing smoke detectors in every room of your workplace. These devices should provide both a visual and audible indication as to the presence of fire. In addition, other tools can protect your employees and property. Those include carbon monoxide detectors, sprinkler systems, and more. Finally, ensure your fire safety systems are regularly inspected and tested by reliable professionals.

Armed with all of this knowledge, contact a trusted and reputable firm well-versed with fire extinguisher insurance. A skilled and knowledgeable agent can help you determine the right coverage for your unique requirements. 

Get Team Members on Board

Any fire safety plan is only as good as employee buy-in. One way to get everyone on the same page is to actively seek out and recruit conscientious employees who can act as fire prevention advocates. Often, other workers will follow the lead of these engaged team members.

These individuals can also partner with company leaders to ensure all employees fully understand their specific roles in the event of an emergency. Share details about exits and escape routes. In addition, stress the importance that these areas should be clear of clutter/debris at all times. Next, guarantee that each worker is well aware of the disaster meeting place. This should be located safely away from your building.  

Finally, each team member should know exactly where to find fire extinguishers, where the nearest fire station is located, and how to dial 911 for emergency service, if necessary. Making fire safety a team effort in this way greatly improves your chances of surviving a fire threat. 

Secure Comprehensive Fire Protection Insurance

When it comes to insurance for bars and taverns, many business owners focus only on liability and other specifics, while largely ignoring other important safeguards. Avoid joining their ranks by exploring all of the innovative insurance solutions available to you.

Along with fire safety protection, we also specialize in church insurance, business insurance, and more. Our comprehensive and cost-effective coverage is partly how we’ve built a solid reputation in the communities we serve. Don’t let your business become the next fire statistic. Contact us today to secure the essential fire protection insurance you need.

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