4 Must-Have Tech Tools for Your Bar or Tavern

Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 2:49PM

4 Must-Have Tech Tools for Your Bar or Tavern

Fans of the popular television show Bar Rescue know that technology is often used to help struggling bars improve. Even successful bars can benefit from smartphone applications (often called apps).

These days, most people carry a smartphone or other mobile device with them every place they go. That includes your bar or tavern. So, it’s wise to tap into the popularity of apps to better serve your customers and market your establishment. Here’s what you need to make your bar or tavern stand out from the crowd:  

1) Management and Productivity

Rather than replacing your current employees, these apps assist in the smooth operation of your business. For instance, Orderly covers everything from accounting to inventory. This app allows you to digitize invoices (by taking photos of hard copies) — storing this important information in one easily-accessible area. In addition, the app can track supplier pricing trends, which can improve your bottom line.

Another tool for managers is 7shifts, which assists with everything from scheduling to payroll. Zenefits also helps bar and tavern managers with payroll, PTO requests, pay stub storage, and more.

Designed to better manage inventory, BlueCart enables immediate re-ordering as supplies begin to get low. Meanwhile, the DineTime app organizes reservations and even lets patrons view availability and secure table and seating on their own.

Restaurateur empowers you to build profit/loss statements. This is helpful if you’re looking to expand into other locations. In addition, many business owners use EverNote to store text and audio ideas, memos, checklists, and attachments.

2) Training and Accountability

The bar business moves fast, and time certainly translates to money, especially during busy hours. The Mixology app helps bartenders look up and create cocktails. Ingredients can be easily added or removed at customers’ request, without compromising quality.

Meanwhile, Bar and Club Stats (currently only available for iPhone/iPad) improves the accuracy of identification (I.D.) checks. By scanning and temporarily storing I.D.s, patrons are discouraged from presenting false or misleading identification. Those who do can be flagged in the system and denied re-entry on future attempts.

3) Marketing and Promotion

While you’re focused on the daily operations of your business, technology can help you get the word out about specials and events. For example, with the Buffer app, you can schedule the date and time of your social media posts. This way, employees aren’t tied to the web. Another social media tech tool is Review Trackers, which helps you monitor social and review platforms. This way, you can respond to and/or resolve disputes in real-time.

Many patrons just want to see what kind of drinks and food you offer before visiting the bar or tavern. Tap Hunter offers step-by-step instructions to create and promote menus on your website or social media. Meanwhile, Untappd is a rating app that lets patrons rank beer and try new varieties. This can help increase revenue.

4) Offline Essentials

A running joke (and now trademarked phrase) is that there’s a smartphone app for everything. While digital tools have drastically improved in recent years, the fact is that many important safeguards still take place offline. That includes securing comprehensive insurance for bars and taverns.

We’re proud to be a reputable resource for the insurance needs of countless business owners. In addition to coverage for bars and taverns, we offer a variety of other services, such as restaurant insurance, fire protection, business, personal lines, and more. Contact us today to discover how we can help protect your business.

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