How to Practice Fire Safety at Your Business

Sun, Aug 05, 2018 at 2:40PM

How to Practice Fire Safety at Your Business

Structure fires are devastating anywhere, but if one happens at your business, the negative effects can be far-reaching. Beyond the loss of the building and inside contents, the future of the entire company could be put in jeopardy. Some team members may offer assistance and support in the short term but will be forced to find other employment if you’re not able to quickly implement disaster solutions.

While no one can determine exactly when and where an accidental fire might start, there are ways to safeguard your business. Learn how with this advice:

Create a Fire Safety Plan and Make Basic Preparations

The first step is to plan for the worst. While thinking of the potential destruction of your business can be uncomfortable and emotional, doing so is necessary to help ensure long-term security.

Include specific procedures employees should take if a fire breaks out during business hours. Also, think of what you’ll do if disaster strikes after closing time. All team members should be on board with your strategy and fully understand their roles.

Your fire safety plan should include details such as:

  1. How quickly can everyone be safely evacuated from the building?
  2. Are team members aware of all available building exits?
  3. Are escape routes easily identifiable and accessible to all employees?
  4. Where is the safe meeting spot, and are all workers aware of this location?

Next, put in place precautions to prevent a fire from breaking out in the first place. Don’t overload electrical outlets. Discourage employees from storing hot plates or space heaters at their desks.

It’s also helpful to walk around your workplace and identify potential hazards. For example, sources of fuel and/or ignition must be closely monitored and protected. In addition, ensure you have up-to-date fire alarms equipped with both audible (siren) and visual (flashing light) cues.

It’s also essential to secure comprehensive fire extinguisher insurance. Speak with a skilled and qualified insurance professional who can help you devise a personalized policy for the specific needs of your business.  

Practice Regular Maintenance and Disaster Drills

To sustain consistent fire safety, it’s not enough to just install a few smoke detectors and call it a day. Instead, alarms and equipment should be regularly monitored and maintained. It’s also wise to invest in products that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide (CO). The latter is known as the “silent killer” because CO is virtually undetectable to the senses (no visual cues or smell).

Next, ensure your business has extensive fire suppression insurance. As mentioned, while you hope for the best, you must be prepared for the worst. That includes the aftermath of a potential fire. Rather than take your chances and risk disaster, it’s better to cover against a variety of scenarios.

Many business owners today assign fire safety duties to one individual or a team of trusted employees. While these workers aren’t professional firefighters, they serve as the first line of defense against possible fire danger. Office fire safety personnel plan and carry out regular fire prevention training and drills. This helps all employees keep on-site safety top of mind.

Ensure Your Workplace is Fully Protected

Along with mentioned equipment (such as fire extinguishers, smoke/CO alarms) and fire safety plans, securing comprehensive fire protection insurance is paramount to the long-term success and safety of your business.

For years, we’ve been a trusted and reliable resource for company leaders across Florida. We offer a wide line of insurance services to keep your business protected. That includes fire alarm insurance, church and school, bar and tavern, business insurance, personal lines, and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can start or improve a business fire safety plan for your company.

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