5 Questions to Expect from Your Personal Insurance Agent

Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 9:00AM

5 Questions to Expect from Your Personal Insurance Agent

For an insurance agent to provide you with a coverage plan that fits your budget and requirements, it is essential for them to understand what your needs are, what your current circumstances are, and what your future plans are. In order for insurance agents to receive all this information, they need to ask you certain questions and speak to you about them in depth so that they can develop a plan that reflects what you want from your insurance. Here are 5 questions you can expect your personal insurance agent to ask you when structuring a coverage plan for you.

What do you do for a living?

Questions about your career are important for your personal insurance agent to bring up as they can give them an idea of what the nature of your job is. Having a clear picture about what you do for a living will also allow your agent to have a sense of how much you earn and if it’s enough for you to also own earn other assets, such as a car and home.

How many financial dependents do you have?

Your insurance providers need to know how many people are depending on your income or are supported by you. If you are single and not supporting elderly parents or young children, your circumstances would be very different than someone who has a spouse and a family to provide for. A personal insurance agent will ask you about your marital status and then accordingly proceed with follow up questions about family members that you are looking after.

Do you have a mortgage or any other debts?

Sharing details about your home mortgage, loans and other debts is also something they will ask you about. Knowing all this will help them offer a plan that covers these costs in the event of your untimely death so that your family does not have to struggle to make all these payments on your behalf.

Your age and any health conditions you may have

Your physical health condition will make a large impact on your insurance plan. If you are young and fit, your premium costs will be different than someone who is a senior and is receiving treatment for some health problems.  Your insurance agent will take notes on any ailments that you might have and discuss what long term care benefits you are seeking or would like to consider.

Are you ready to purchase coverage now or do you have concerns?

A personal insurance agent will ask you this question to understand how quickly you want to decide regarding purchasing an insurance plan. If you are confused or hesitant even after a discussion, an agent will do their best to answer your questions about insurance policies or assure you why a coverage plan would be beneficial for you at this point in your life.

To learn more about insurance coverage, contact our trusted team at Insurance Solutions of America, Inc. and we would be glad to find you a plan that suits all your needs.

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