Insurance Providers Answer 8 Common Questions About Church Insurance

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 3:15PM

Insurance Providers Answer 8 Common Questions About Church Insurance

Churches may be unique organizations, but they still need an insurance firm to provide insurance policies that meet their needs. Here are eight questions that insurance providers can answer for churches curious about insurance coverage.

Question One: What Insurance Providers Do Churches Need?

Churches should talk to insurance providers to get property, liability, commercial auto, flood, earth movement, workers compensation, event coverage, and umbrella policies. Each of these options will protect them from various complications.

Question Two: What is Covered in Church Insurance Policies?

In a church insurance coverage package, elements like sanctuaries, family centers, schools, the structure of the building, musical instruments, audio and visual equipment, and utility elements are all covered to minimize expenses.

Question Three: Do Churches Require Higher Premiums with Their Insurance Coverage?

Depending on insurance policies, churches may have higher premiums because they are often older, larger, and have more expensive items to ensure. For instance, it may have dozens of hundred-year-old pews that must be ensured.

Question Four: Why are Liability Coverage and Insurance Policies Important?

Although many churches use volunteers instead of full-time workers, injuring these individuals (or others on church property) may still result in a lawsuit, even though a church is a religious organization. Liability covers these expenses.

Question Five: Are Churches Eligible for Insurance Coverage Discounts?

An insurance firm covering churches treats them like any other facility. As a result, they typically don't provide specialized discounts, though they may provide savings if a church updates its electrical, plumbing, or security systems.

Question Six: Will Churches Be Penalized by Insurance Providers for Poor Structures?

Again, an insurance policy from church-based insurance providers considers a religious structure similar to a non-religious building. As a result, an insurance firm may penalize a church if it is in bad condition by raising its premiums.

Question Seven: What Equipment Requires Insurance Coverage?

Churches should include their display and event equipment in all of their policies. Any equipment that will cost thousands of dollars or more to fix should be covered. Breakdown insurance is usually not necessary, though.

Question Eight: Will a Church Suffer Without the Help of an Insurance Firm?

Churches without insurance may find themselves suffering severe financial issues if a single problem occurs. As a result, many insurance providers demand insurance coverage for churches, with some religious organizations working directly with an insurance firm to find insurance policies.

Finding What Works with Your Insurance Policies

Finding insurance providers to work with a church isn't tricky. Most companies will provide church-based insurance coverage, focusing their insurance policies on these unique operations. Contact us today to get started with a quote!

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