Why Religious Institutions Need Specialized Church Insurance Policies

Mon, Feb 15, 2021 at 9:00AM

Why Religious Institutions Need Specialized Church Insurance Policies

Churches aren’t the same as schools, businesses, or automobiles. They have specific needs that aren’t met by generic insurance policies. That’s precisely why Insurance Solutions of America offers inclusive church insurance policies that are guaranteed to cover the needs of any church, whether it’s a starter church or a multi-location mega church.

As a religious institution, it would behoove you to seek out the best insurance policies to fit your needs. Read on and join us as we explain why church insurance policies are so important for covering all your needs.

Liability Coverage Tailored to Churches

Churches have a broad range of insurance coverage needs that are highly specific to their ministry. Given that religious organizations often serve their communities in many different ways, it’s important to be covered across a wide breadth of liabilities, including freedom of religion, sexual harassment, and church directors.

Plus, churches typically have specific property that isn’t covered in generic insurance policies. This includes church pews, organs, stained glass, and more. Church insurance policies are tailor-made to cover everything that your church may have.

Risk Management

Besides potentially carrying a large expense, insurance claims can also interfere with your ministry. One of the best ways to circumvent the consequences of insurance claims is by preventing incidents altogether with risk management training. Having both awareness and preparation in anticipation of incidents is sure to reduce the likelihood of claims. Ask your church insurance provider if they offer any risk management resources.

Protection for Children

Unfortunately, cases of child abuse and misconduct continue to rise in numbers. Within churches, the onus befalls religious organizations to protect the well-being of their young members of congregation. As a church, the importance of upholding that responsibility cannot be understated, which is why church insurance policies can have sexual misconduct coverage built in.

Protection for Volunteers

Even if church volunteers are not paid, they still need to be protected as if they were paid employees. Consider for a moment all the volunteers that may serve your church. They could be church board members, van drivers, custodians, or Sunday school teachers. If an accident happens to any of those individuals, will their well-being be protected? Trusted church insurance policies will include coverage for all volunteers.

Assistance with Claims

When the time comes that you need to make a claim, you need a partner that will help you every step along the way. Not just any insurance company will do. At Insurance Solutions of America, we have experience with a wide array of claims across a wide breadth of industries, including churches. Working with an accomplished insurance provider will ensure a high degree of confidence as you navigate through the process of filing your claim.

After reading through the above, it should be easy to see why your church deserves more than just a regular policy. Work with Insurance Solutions of America to discover the best policies for your needs!

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