Signs of Fire Sprinkler Damage and How to Repair

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 9:00AM

Signs of Fire Sprinkler Damage and How to Repair

It’s perfectly normal for fire sprinkler systems to erode over time. This is because there are some unavoidable issues that will eventually occur throughout your sprinkler system’s lifecycle that could lead to major problems. That is to say, only if your sprinklers don’t get the maintenance that they need.

There are a few tell-tale signs that your fire sprinklers may need a quick tune-up to start operating like new again. Rely on leading fire sprinkler insurance companies like Insurance Solutions of America to learn when you need to repair or replace your fire sprinkler system.

Head or Pipe Damage

Wear and tear is usual for fire sprinkler coverage systems. However, damages can also occur due to vandalism, accidental collisions, or accidents during renovation or construction. Inspect your sprinkler heads and pipes for any visible damage to see if they need repairs. If you suspect that your sprinklers may be too damaged, then consider speaking with fire alarm coverage companies to learn if you need replacement.


Since fire sprinkler systems use water, it only makes sense that they would start to suffer from corrosion over time. Even if corrosion is common around water, it can still lead to some much bigger issues if left unchecked. Once pipes corrode, then they will start to leak water – another issue entirely in and of itself. Some common signs of corrosion include:

  • Smell of rot, much like sulfur
  • Visible rusting of pipes
  • Discolored water


As soon as you see leaking water for the first time, then it is imperative to leap into action as quickly as possible. Leaking water can be indicative of some major structural issues, and it can also cause damage to your building in other ways as well. Leaks can occur as a result of improper installations or neglect of maintenance, but they can also be found around broken pipes, too. Contact a fire sprinkler company to inspect your system and determine the extent of damage that has happened to your fire sprinkler system.

Repair vs. Replacement?

Deciding if your fire sprinkler system needs repairs or a replacement depends on a few things. Fire alarm installers can get you pointed in the right direction. First, check the age of your system. Old fire sprinklers may have no other choice but to get replaced. Then, inspect your system for signs of corrosion. Minimal damage can be patched up with repairs rather than needing a full replacement. Fire sprinkler installers can also look through your history of service with you to determine the best course of action.

Keeping your fire sprinkler system healthy is one of the best ways to defend against unexpected fires. Otherwise, if sprinkler systems degrade too much, then they may prove to be useless at stopping the spread of fire. Take a look at your sprinklers today and call Insurance Solutions of America with any questions about fire protection insurance.

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