What Should Church Insurance Include?

Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 4:50PM

What Should Church Insurance Include?

Churches, from starter churches to mega churches, require specific types of insurance to ensure their functions are efficient and protected. Below are the types of insurances often sought for churches, what they include, and why they're necessary.

Fundraising Events Coverage

Coverage for special events at churches is highly recommended especially fundraising. Churches rely heavily on donations and fundraising, which is highly rewarding for the church, but also comes with a number of risks.

If the fundraiser is not held at the church itself, your church should have protection over potential property damage to the venue, by attendees or employees. You'll also want general liability coverage, including medical expenses for injuries and lawsuits over accidents. If any alcohol is being served at the event, you should additionally seek liquor liability in case of accidents due to intoxicated guests. Cancellation fee liability should also be considered in case your event must be canceled for some reason, whether it be weather or poor potential turnout.

Abuse and Molestation Coverage

Churches nowadays are becoming more and more susceptible to allegations of abuse, molestation, or sexual harassment. This type of coverage protects for both real incidents of abuse of misconduct and defense against allegations. The payouts to plaintiffs when needed are often substantial, and churches may have to either declare bankruptcy or liquidation because of the enormous costs. At least $250,000 coverage is recommended for churches for this type of insurance.

Pastoral Professional Liability 

Due to the nature of the job, sometimes clergypersons, including pastors, are subject to criticisms or legal troubles that may arise from their counseling sessions. There may be legal obligations or damages from acts, errors, or omissions during such counseling activities. Thus, churches will usually want to seek stained glass coverage, which will protect against any damage done to them. The details of installation, including original costs and artist information, should be assessed in order to get estimates of around what they are worth.

If you don't have all the insurance bases covered for your church, contact Insurance Solutions of America today in order to figure out the types of coverage that will be right for you and your church.


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