Happy Halloween: What the Holiday Teaches Us About Year-Round Safety

Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 1:24PM

Happy Halloween: What the Holiday Teaches Us About Year-Round Safety

Happy Halloween! This holiday is beloved for its spooky thrills and sweet surprises… but it’s also a great opportunity to brush up on everyday safety, too.

Take a look below to see what Halloween can teach us about staying safe and secure, all year-round.

Safe nighttime walking…

Throughout the rest of the year, most of our walking is done in the daytime. Whether it’s commuters or kids headed to and from school, it’s usually easy to spot someone on the sidewalk or crossing the street.

Halloween, of course, is a thrill because it happens “after hours,” giving everyone the chance to stroll around and show off their one-of-a-kind costume. The extra care with which we and our families walk around on Halloween (donning brighter clothes, or wearing a reflective accessory) is worth keeping mind all year-round. It never hurts to be a more conscious pedestrian, checking (and double-checking) each way before crossing and making sure you’re as visible as possible by wearing light, bright colors!

… and driving, too

On a similar note, Halloween changes from a driver’s perspective, too. Of all nights of the year, it’s perhaps the one where we are most aware of our surroundings, the speed limit, and the need to watch out for costume-clad trick-or-treaters walking up and down the street. While other nights of the year are certainly a lot quieter, it’s always helpful to drive with a little extra care around crosswalks, at nighttime, or in residential areas where people are likely to be out and about (even outside of Halloween).

Candle care 101

Many of us are used to lighting candles on Halloween. It’s the perfect time to embrace a warm, flickering ambiance that regular lights alone just don’t provide! Of course, all those dancing lights call for some extra care and caution, too. We’re always sure to blow out our Jack-o-Lantern’s candle at the end of the night (or forego a candle altogether and opt for battery-powered flameless options) to stay extra safe. Practice that same kind of care all year-round and you’ll be helping to create a safe, mindful routine the whole family can follow.

Halloween isn’t just chock-full of frightful fun… as you can see, it’s able to teach us quite a bit, too! Be sure to don your spookiest look and enjoy the night with family and friends.






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