Ensuring Fun in Every Summer Party: 5 Safety Tips

Fri, Jul 07, 2017 at 3:15PM

Ensuring Fun in Every Summer Party: 5 Safety Tips

The sun is out, and the kids are home from school, what better way to celebrate than with some summer parties?

As a host, you like to cater to each guest, and while you do your best, your eyes can’t be on everyone, every second.

Here at Insurance Solutions we want to keep you and your guests happy, and most of all- protected. Look at today’s blog to find out some safety tips you can incorporate into your upcoming parties.

Locate fire extinguishers, and have them on hand

Everyone’s summer favorite is backyard barbeques- the food is great and the fun is ongoing. Although we’re sure the person cooking the food is by now a grill master, you never know when things will get too hot. It’s always smart to keep a fire extinguisher by the cooking station in case of an emergency. We think it’s always better to protect the people and things around you first, rather than your food.

If you’re inside cooking, use your exhaust fans above your stove and make sure your fire detectors are updated and working. With so many people in the kitchen and surrounding areas, smoke tends to linger for a longer period, so keep cool knowing your safety alarms are ready for use and here to protect you.

Watch doors and make sure they are always shut

Every party usually has a few little ones and some four-legged friends running around. To ensure they don’t get loose or run into the road remind guests to always shut the doors- especially the front. If you have a gated front and backyard you have a second safety net, but still, want to keep a close eye on who is entering and exiting your home.

Safeguard your pool

Most Central Florida homes have pools, and if you are one of these lucky people then take this step into serious consideration. Some parties have an indoor-outdoor flow from the house to the backyard, and if you have an enclosed backyard this is perfectly fine- but you still want a safety net around your pool.

Try netted fences, these remind kids not to run right into the pool, they prevent elders and babies from accidentally falling in and even have the power of lowering your insurance policy. The more safety you have around your house, the more it’s insured.

Keep an eye on friends

If your party is like most, then the adults will be drinking. If you’ve noticed some who have had too many, offer them a place to stay in your guest room, drive them home when they need it, or call them a cab. A successful party is when everyone makes it home okay.

Maintain the compatibility of your home

When you host a party in the comfort of your own home, you have the ability to make things just right. If you have an idea of how many guests are attending, set up enough seating, tables, and spaces to gather. Don’t ever let anyone stand too long, especially if they are older. If the kids and other people are in and out of the pool make sure you wipe up wet spots they track in or put a “caution wet” sign down. You never want to be liable for someone who falls and breaks a bone.

At Insurance Solutions, we always want you to have fun and don’t think it should be limited based on potential safety hazards, which is why we have provided you with these tips. Continue to enjoy the company of friends and family but do it with safety in mind. If you ever need advice or help on keeping you and your home protected, call us today!


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