5 Tips for Fire Safety During Hurricane Season

Sun, Aug 06, 2017 at 2:10PM

5 Tips for Fire Safety During Hurricane Season

Waiting for hurricane season to pass? We are, too! Until it’s over, we’ve got a few safety tips that can make potential storms a lot less stressful.

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Know your needs

Even if you don’t live in a particularly hurricane-prone area, you should still be on alert during this time of the year. Unsuspecting residents in the Northeast or inland South can still be impacted by strong summer hurricanes, so it can still be helpful to have the equipment and storm safety know-how in place.

Opt for flame-free emergency lighting

No one wants their power to go out during a storm. If it does, however, you may need to resort to backup lighting options for getting around. When possible, opt for flame-free alternatives to candles: flashlights, battery-powered tea lights, etc. If you do need to use candles for whatever reason, avoid carrying them from room to room to prevent that open flame from getting caught in the wind or posing other safety risks.

Operate generators safely and away from the home

In addition to following the safety manual for your specific generator, there’s one big tip you need to follow: keep it outside and away from your house or other buildings. This will prevent the danger of carbon monoxide entering your home. It’s also smart to let your generator turn off and cool down before refueling it since gasoline can ignite on hot surfaces.

Grill smart

Following a storm, you may be cooking outdoors more over an open flame. It’s worth getting caught up on the safety guidelines of using a grill, like keeping hair and loose clothing away from the open flame as you prep your food.

Take shutters down between storms

We get it—it’s tempting to leave up your shutters after a storm, eliminating the hassle of re-installing them in the event of another hurricane. However, this isn’t quite feasible. Some communities may have rules against long-term shutter use, but the most important consideration is one of safety: having shutters up may make your home less safe in the event of a fire, hampering first responders’ efforts or your own safe passage out of your home. Your best bet is to take them down (and, of course, hope that you don’t need to put them back up for a long time!).

At Insurance Solutions of America, safety is always our number-one goal. We hope that today’s blog helps you achieve just that, this storm season and beyond.



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