7 Helpful Reminders for Fire Prevention Month

Sun, Oct 01, 2017 at 1:05PM

7 Helpful Reminders for Fire Prevention Month

What’s the best way to protect yourself from a fire? Prevent one from starting in the first place.

At Insurance Solutions of America, we work hard to cover everything from fire hydrants to extinguishers to fast-acting sprinkler systems. But we know you’d rather never have to use them at all—and we’re right there with you.

In honor of National Fire Prevention Month this October, we’re sharing a few helpful fire prevention tips worth following in your everyday life, both at home and at work. Take a look below to learn more.

Enjoy candles with care

Nothing beats the scent and warm, cozy ambiance of a good candle! Candles are a great way to add light and flair to your space as you cook or catch up on some reading, but avoid lighting them near bedtime or whenever you might be shuffling from room to room. And as always, keep your candles on an open, flat surface—not tucked in a corner near flowers, curtains, or wallpaper.

Keep an eye on the kitchen

Whipping up some magic in the kitchen this season? In addition to following your favorite recipes, be sure to follow a “recipe” for safety, too: don’t leave your stove unattended, and always take special care when working with high heat (both to stay safe and keep your dish from overcooking!).

When to use water?

Speaking of kitchen safety: one wise tip to keep in mind is to avoid putting out grease fires with water. In this case, adding water can actually cause a flame to grow and billow up toward the ceiling. Instead, it’s recommended that you deprive the fire of oxygen (by turning off the heat and covering your pot), adding baking soda to “smother” the fire, or using your fire extinguisher. Keep it near the kitchen in an accessible place, though slightly removed from the stove area so you can access it in an emergency.

Inspect your electronics

A professional electrician can help you sort out any wiring issues you may have, but you can ensure that your space has a safe foundation by checking wires for any frays or other issues. You can also practice electronic safety in how you use your laptop and other technology: avoid leaving your computer on a flammable surface like your bed, where the device’s cooling fans don’t have a chance to circulate air.

Check your lint screen before drying clothes

When drying your clothes and thick, cozy blankets this fall, be sure to empty your dryer’s lint screen before every load. This will reduce the risk of fire.

Grill away from the home

Keeping outdoor devices (everything from your barbecue grill to your generator, in case of a storm) a safe distance from your home’s exterior can keep your space safe from fumes and any possible fire hazards.

Keep kids in-the-know

You can always explain fire prevention and safety to kids… even though the way you explain it, and the details you use, might change as they get older. Kids are naturally curious, but explaining that they cannot use the stove, matches, and other dangerous items (and of course keeping those items out of their reach) can help them understand your boundaries and why they are in place.

When it comes to fire prevention, these tips are just the beginning! For questions about how to keep your home or business safe and secure all year-round, call Insurance Solutions of America today. We’re always here to help!







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