3 Common Liability Issues Bar and Tavern Owners Need To Be Careful About

Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 9:00AM

3 Common Liability Issues Bar and Tavern Owners Need To Be Careful About

When you own and run a business such as a bar and tavern, the fast-paced environment can leave you scrambling to protect yourself on multiple fronts. From making sure all spills are mopped away quickly to controlling rowdy customers – there’s a lot to keep an eye on. One act of negligence or a little delay in taking action can result in lawsuits that can harm your business in several ways.

To ensure your business continues to run smoothly and you are not vulnerable to a list of legal issues, it is essential to invest in an appropriate insurance coverage plan.

Three of the most common liability issues bar owners need to watch out for are:

Accidents and Injuries

In a premises where alcohol is served, a certain level of rowdy and unruly behavior can be expected. But when this behavior exceeds limits and reaches a point of violence and vandalism, people can get injured, and your property can get damaged.

Along with injuries and accidents caused by rowdy patrons, there is also the danger of slips and falls which can occur when a drink has spilled, or a customer misses a step in the dark. With the risk of so many unfavorable incidents occurring at your business, it is essential to invest in insurance policies that can safeguard you from lawsuits and claims.

Fire Hazards

Another threat to your business is lawsuits that can occur when a fire may occur, and patrons are unable to exit. Whether it’s because of an exit sign that’s not working properly, or an exit door being blocked or locked – your customers can face injuries and burns in such a situation and your business can face heavy claims that may even force you to close down. A fire protection insurance along with other liability coverage policies is essential to save your business if such an incident were to occur.

Underage Drinkers

Underage patrons with fake IDs are always looking to try their luck and being allowed to enter bars and clubs. Bar owners need to invest in enough staff and equipment required to identify false identification to ensure underage drinking doesn’t occur at their business. If your business serves an underage customer alcohol, your business can be at risk, even if you weren’t aware of their age.

From fire protection policies to general liability coverage, there are several unique insurance requirements a bar owner has. Contact us at Insurance Solution of America to learn more about how our insurance policies can protect your business.

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