Our Guide on Finding the Best Insurance Policy for Your RV

Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 9:00AM

Our Guide on Finding the Best Insurance Policy for Your RV

You love your recreational vehicle, and it’s easy for us to see why. That wonderful vehicle has taken you to all your favorite destinations in total comfort and it’s always ready for the next trip. However, your RV will not always be able to withstand everything that comes its way. Furthermore, more RVs than ever are being shipped with a whopping 430,000 getting wholesale shipped in 2020. If you are a current or prospective owner of an RV, then please continue reading to learn how to find the best insurance policy for you!

The Basics of RV Insurance

As you might guess, RV insurance is a layer of financial protection that will cover you for unexpected out-of-pocket costs. The extent of that protection and how much it will cost then depends on a question-and-answer conversation with your insurance provider. Those questions might include how old your RV is and how often you use it.

After providing enough background, you can then customize your policy to cover your RV however you’d like. It stands to mention that more coverage often goes hand-in-hand with higher premiums, so tread carefully here.

The Scope of RV Insurance

It’s important to know what may be included in your RV insurance policy. We break down some common coverages below:

  • Bodily injury liability: covers the cost of medical expenses for passengers in the event of an accident
  • Collision coverage: covers the cost of damages to your RV in an automobile accident
  • Comprehensive coverage: covers the cost of non-collision damage

What Factors Into RV Insurance Rates

There are several classes of RVs and that alone will influence how much you have to pay for your insurance rates. In addition to RV class, there are a few other factors that go into how much you’ll pay.

  • Age & condition
  • Usage
  • Location
  • Claims history
  • Driving record

RV insurance is very similar to car insurance, but car insurance policies don’t offer the protection that RVs need. With this information in hand, it should be easier than ever to go and find the perfect policy to suit your lifestyle. Start the process by giving Insurance Solutions of America a call today – we’re happy to discuss our policies with you!

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