Enjoy Autumn on the Road with 5 Easy RV Tips

Sat, Sep 16, 2017 at 1:15PM

Enjoy Autumn on the Road with 5 Easy RV Tips

What better way to see the vivid colors of fall than from the comfort and control of your own RV?

Instead of staying cooped up at home this season, hitting the open road is a great way to mix things up.

Of course, no matter where you travel, you’ll want your RV to be prepared and as up-for-adventure as you are. Take a look at today’s blog for a few tips on how to achieve just that.

Stock up for the change of season… and location

Your RV isn’t just a car—it’s like a home on wheels! So you’ll want to stock up on cozy fall touches and gear for the change of weather you’ll encounter on the road. Layer your RV’s sitting areas with thick, comfy quilts and throw blankets. Stow away some sweaters, caps, and other warm accessories in case any of your passengers need a spare on the road.

Custom-chart your itinerary

The next step? Custom-chart your itinerary to see the best colors fall has to offer! While local guides can help you design a more thorough plan, general patterns can give you a good idea of where to go and when (for example, in Connecticut, the best colors are set to be seen now through the first week of November!).

Sticking southward this fall? Even warm, sunny spots like Florida see their share of seasonal foliage! Here, you’ll want to stick to the central and northern part of the state, where colors can be enjoyed throughout November and December.

Keep basic maneuvers in mind

Since you probably don’t drive your RV around every day, it’s always helpful to brush up on some basic handling tips and maneuvers. Always be sure to check the clearance of drive-through banks, food stops, etc. so that you can pass under safely (or avoid the drive-through if it’s too low). When driving, take slow turns and avoid sharp, sudden maneuvers that can decrease control of your vehicle.

“Winterize” your ride

Even if you don’t live in a cold area, you can take some special measures to keep your RV safe and well-maintained throughout the winter months. In addition to the technical steps that your RV manufacturer recommends, something as simple as checking your RV’s interior periodically (to look for any issues, critters, etc.) can help ensure that it’s ready to go come next spring’s adventures.

Check your coverage

Another must-do this season is to review your RV coverage for improved peace of mind on the road. The fact that your RV is both a vehicle and a dwelling of sorts means that it requires a kind of “hybrid” policy made specifically for this kind of ride—and additional factors, like the class (A, B, or C) of your RV or motorhome can have an impact your total coverage. We can help you sort out all the little details, giving you a better understanding of your policy and how it protects you on the road.

With these tips and coverage you can count on from Insurance Solutions of America, you’re ready to enjoy all that fall has to offer! Call us or request a quote online today.








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