Leadership Team

Scott Lugering

President of Insurance Solutions of America

Scott Lugering is the President of Insurance Solutions of America.  He has spent over 23 years in the finance & insurance industry. He began specializing in insurance for the fire suppression industry over 13 years ago.  Scott is a member of many Fire Suppression Associations including but not limited to NAFED, FFEDA, PAFED, GASFED, NYAFED, NJAFED, NCFEDA & NVAFED. 

Scott has been a speaker at the following Fire Suppression Trade Shows:

  • National Association of Fire Equipment Dealers - Three Annual Trade Shows
  •  Florida Fire Equipment Dealers Association
  • New York Fire Suppression Association
  • North Carolina Fire Equipment Dealers Association
  • Oklahoma Fire Equipment Dealers Association

Scott’s agency, Insurance Solutions of America, Inc., is licensed in 47 states and is one of the largest insurers of fire suppression contractors in the country.    

Scott lives in Central Florida with his wife and their two children. 

Please call Scott today to discuss your insurance needs.